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Fraywire is the ultimate market research tool from Breaking Metrics. Create watchlists, add crypto and stocks to your portfolio, explore market sectors, and stay updated on the latest market news.

Fraywire Pro members get exclusive access to market sentiments, our portfolio builder, and more.

Add any of 14 different Widgets to your customized dashboard:

  1. Advanced Price Charts
  2. Simple Price Charts
  3. Note Widgets
  4. Sentiment Gauge
  5. Gainers & Losers
  6. Indices
  7. Newsfeed
  8. Select News by Breaking Metrics
  9. Posts by Breaking Metrics
  10. Analysis by Breaking Metrics
  11. Commodities
  12. Economics
  13. Earnings
  14. Watchlists

Get started today for only $40/year. Fraywire Pro Members enjoy perks like Breaking Metrics Analysis, the Portfolio Builder, unlimited Dashboards, and real-time Market Sentiment. Pro Members also get premier access to new platform features before they're made available to free users.

Please allow up to 24-hours for your account status to change.


Pro access to all Fraywire features like the portfolio builder, market sentiment, and unlimited Dashboards. Pro Members also get premier access to Breaking Metrics Analytics and new Fraywire features.

$40 a year

Fraywire Pro

0 ratings