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    • Get visuals on which way markets are trending
  • Crypto and Fiat Analysis
    • Are we in a Bull Run or Bear Market? Get deep analysis on equities and crypto, how they're tied to one another and which way money is going
  • General Economic Trends & Forecasts
    • How is politics, geopolitics, and culture impacting the flow of money?

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Sundays to Thursdays, I send out emails and posts with charts like the one above that look at macro price movements as well as lower time frame analysis.

We also look into economic indicators, public policy, politics, and war

  • How do they impact price action?
    • Where are Lower and Higher Time Frames headed?
  • What are general sentiments?
    • How does market consensus and the macro-environment impact money movement?
  • How are markets generally impacted?
    • How are crypto assets and stocks effected?

The Rebel Economist is free to join but any monthly donation is much appreciated as it helps me pay for servers, software, and other fun data that I share with subscribers.

Your investment strategies could differ from mine based on your risk tolerances, research, and time horizon, so I encourage you to do your own research as information provided by The Rebel Economist or Breaking Metrics should never be considered financial advice.


Trading Charts , Crypto and Fiat Analysis, General Economic Trends & Forecasts

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