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Risk aware, but not risk averse.

Altcoin Thusday: MATIC Crabbing

Wednesday Stocks & Commodities - Lumber, Copper, and Agriculture

The Rebel Economist - Telegram Channel for Subscribers Only

Crypto Tuesday: Bitcoin and Altcoins Make Significant Moves Up

Money Monday: Volatility Incoming

Sunday Weekly Look Ahead - Assets Testing Support Levels; More Volatility Incoming?

Black Friday: S&P500 and Bitcoin Analysis as Prices Tumble

Altcoin Thursday: Crypto Holding Better than $SPY and Tech Stocks

Major Update to Breaking Metrics

Crypto Tuesday: Will FOMC Impact Bitcoin & Ethereum Prices?

Money Monday: Cash is Still King

Sunday Weekly Look Ahead - FOMC Could Send Asset Prices on Another Leg Down

Altcoin Thursday: Either Way, Crypto is Dumping

Wednesday Commodity Review: Intrepid Potash H&S Pattern

August 2022 CPI Released at 8.3%

Crypto Tuesday: Ethereum Leading the Charge

No, this isn't some crypto sh*tcoin going parabolic.

The Rebel Economist: Money Mondays - Look Out for CPI Tomorrow

Sunday Weekly Look Ahead - Comparing the 2008 Crash to Markets Today

The Rebel Economist: Friday Wrap Up

The Rebel Economist: Altcoin Thursday - $MATIC Holding the Biggest Gains

The Rebel Economist: Wednesday Commodity Review - Agriculture

The Rebel Economist - Crypto Tuesday

Bitcoin Shorts Get Squeezed - Bullish Moves Across the Crypto Market

The Rebel Economist - updated!

Avalanche Tech Analysis

Bitcoin Uncertainty Going Into Labor Day

Trading Notes: Called It - Nvidia Takes a Hit

Trading Notes: The Next Leg Down for Bitcoin

Trading Notes: Archer Daniels Midland and Nvidia

Student Loan Forgiveness: Expanding the Bubble, Not the Pie

Broadening Bottom Formation on Bitcoin

Called It

Jackson Hole Fed Meeting: Asset Prices Dropping Ahead of Bad News?

Microsoft Head & Shoulders Structure - Price Action Going into Midterm Elections

Bitcoin Price Action Going Into the Weekend

Bitcoin and SPX Still Coupled

A Bet on the Future: Economic Indicators for Market Movements

Trading Notes: Mixed Signals on Crypto Altcoins

The Bear Case for Ethereum

The Rebel Economist - updated!

S&P500 Bear Market Rally or New Bull Run?

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