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Money Monday: Bears Are Back

Money Monday: Debt & Credit Smells of 2008 All Over Again

Money Monday: Crude Oil, S&P, Bitcoin, The Fed

Money Monday: Will Inflation Cool Heads at the Fed?

Money Monday: The Fed's Bigger Problem

Money Monday: The Headwind Continues

Money Monday: Futures Up, Sentiment Down - Can This Market Make Up Its Mind?

Money Monday: Throwing Darts In the Dark

Money Monday: The Bears Woke Up

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Money Monday: Bears Got 2023 Wrong - Does That Make J. Powell Right?

Money Monday: All Eyes On the Fed... Again

Money Monday: Earnings Week, Big Banks, AI, and Price Corrections

June 2023 CPI Down to 3% from 4% in May

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Money Monday: All Eyes on Inflation

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Money Monday: Bears Got it Wrong, For Now

Money Monday: Bulls Unsure; Headlines Still Bearish, Global Unrest, More Market Headwinds

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Money Monday: Markets Closed, Headlines Remain Bearish

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Money Monday: FOMC, CPI Prints, and Crypto Crackdown

Mid-Week Market Review: Recession, Crypto, and Corn

Money Monday: Crypto Down; Stocks Crabbing

Mid-Week Market Review: Investors Don't Understand AI

Mid-Week Market Review: Money Printer Go Brrrrr

Money Monday: Gold, Bull Traps, and Debt

Mid-Week Market Review: Spring Cleaning

Money Monday: Debt Ceiling, Bitcoin, and Savings

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Money Monday: Market Headwinds & The Crypto Correction

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Mid-Week Market Review: More Banks Fail, Crypto Moves Up

Money Monday: FOMC This Wednesday

Mid-Week Market Review: Uncertainty

Money Monday: Post-Pandemic Clean Up

Money Monday: Cash or Assets?

Money Monday: Stocks Down, Bitcoin Up, CPI Print Wednesday

Money Monday: Competing Currencies

Money Monday: A New Reserve Currency?

Mid Week Market Review: Key Levels

Money Monday: The Market Loves Bailouts

Money Monday: SVB, FTX, and the Bitcoin Alternative

Money Monday: Bull & Bear Scenarios for S&P and Bitcoin

Mid-Week Market Review: Corrections Inbound

Money Monday: Is the Economy Growing or Shrinking?

Tuesday Look Ahead: Long Forecasts & Potential Corrections

CPI Tuesday: SEC Crippling the Competition, Inflation Steering Price Action

Money Monday: Unemployment Could Trigger a Drop In Prices

Money Monday: FOMC This Week

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Thursday Market Review: Hidden Bearish Divergences for Crypot, Stock Headwinds Continue

Money Monday: Headwinds for Powell's Soft Landing?

Friday Market Recap: The Fed & Inflation Move the Markets

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Money Tuesday: Crypto Surprise and Stocks Possibly Crawling Up

Friday Recap: CPI Print and Fraywire Updates

Wednesday Market Review: CPI Print Tomorrow

Money Monday: Melt Up?

Friday Market Recap: The Path Downward

Tuesday Market Review: Hitting Targets as Predicted

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Money Tuesday: Still on Target

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Wednesday Crypto Review: More Downside, More Adoption

Money Monday: They're cashing out before the storm

Friday Market Recap: Don't Become Someone's Exit Liquidity

Wednesday Market Review: FOMC & The Bear Market

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Money Monday: The Soft Landing

Friday Crypto Review: It's Still a Downtrend

Wednesday Economic Review: Things Aren't Adding Up

Money Monday: Waiting for the Next Buy Signals

Friday Market Recap: S&P Bounces Off Key Resistance

Wednesday Market Review: Betting on a Crypto Capitulation

Money Monday: End of the Bear Rally

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Tuesday Crypto Recap: It's Gonna Be a Cold Winter

Money Monday: Don't Get Trapped - Everyone's Over-Leveraged Again

Thursday Market Recap: Everything Looks Bearish

Crypto Tuesday: The Corruption & Collapse of FTX

Money Monday: The Bear Rally is Almost Over

Altcoin Thursday: Dead Cat Bounce or Recovery?

Wednesday Market Review: Look Out Below!

Crypto Tuesday: Capitulation Seems Inevitable

Money Monday: The Drunken Walk Home

Wednesday Equities Review: Pay Attention

Crypto Tuesday: Hidden Bullish Divergences

Money Monday: FOMC this Week!

Altcoin Thursday: Ethereum Takes the Lead

Wednesday Equities: Volatility Incoming

Crypto Tuesday: Depression Phase

Money Monday

Crypto Altcoin Strategies: Algorand and Polkadot

Wednesday Equities Review

Crypto Tuesday: At a Crossroads

Money Monday: Watch Out for these Dates!

CPI Print Sends Equities & Crypto into a Selloff

Crypto Tuesday: Bitcoin, Algorand, Polygon

Money Monday

Altcoin Thursday: Chainlink, Cosmos, Polkadot

Crypto Tuesday! Accumulation or More Capitulation?

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Money Monday: A Big Shift in Money & Assets

Altcoin Thusday: MATIC Crabbing

Wednesday Stocks & Commodities - Lumber, Copper, and Agriculture

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Crypto Tuesday: Bitcoin and Altcoins Make Significant Moves Up

Money Monday: Volatility Incoming

Sunday Weekly Look Ahead - Assets Testing Support Levels; More Volatility Incoming?

Black Friday: S&P500 and Bitcoin Analysis as Prices Tumble

Altcoin Thursday: Crypto Holding Better than $SPY and Tech Stocks

Major Update to Breaking Metrics

Crypto Tuesday: Will FOMC Impact Bitcoin & Ethereum Prices?

Money Monday: Cash is Still King

Sunday Weekly Look Ahead - FOMC Could Send Asset Prices on Another Leg Down

Altcoin Thursday: Either Way, Crypto is Dumping

Wednesday Commodity Review: Intrepid Potash H&S Pattern

August 2022 CPI Released at 8.3%

Crypto Tuesday: Ethereum Leading the Charge

No, this isn't some crypto sh*tcoin going parabolic.

The Rebel Economist: Money Mondays - Look Out for CPI Tomorrow

Sunday Weekly Look Ahead - Comparing the 2008 Crash to Markets Today

The Rebel Economist: Friday Wrap Up

The Rebel Economist: Altcoin Thursday - $MATIC Holding the Biggest Gains

The Rebel Economist: Wednesday Commodity Review - Agriculture

The Rebel Economist - Crypto Tuesday

Bitcoin Shorts Get Squeezed - Bullish Moves Across the Crypto Market

The Rebel Economist - updated!

Avalanche Tech Analysis

Bitcoin Uncertainty Going Into Labor Day

Trading Notes: Called It - Nvidia Takes a Hit

Trading Notes: The Next Leg Down for Bitcoin

Trading Notes: Archer Daniels Midland and Nvidia

Student Loan Forgiveness: Expanding the Bubble, Not the Pie

Broadening Bottom Formation on Bitcoin

Called It

Jackson Hole Fed Meeting: Asset Prices Dropping Ahead of Bad News?

Microsoft Head & Shoulders Structure - Price Action Going into Midterm Elections

Bitcoin Price Action Going Into the Weekend

Bitcoin and SPX Still Coupled

A Bet on the Future: Economic Indicators for Market Movements

Trading Notes: Mixed Signals on Crypto Altcoins

The Bear Case for Ethereum

The Rebel Economist - updated!

S&P500 Bear Market Rally or New Bull Run?